Our Charters

Half Day Charter

Relax and enjoy Mallorca for a half day sail, either in the morning or afternoon. You can explore the local area for up to 4 hours and we will meet all your requirements for the Perfect Charter experience.

Full Day Charter

Spend a day exploring the Mallorca coast & trying various activities. Or perhaps you haven’t tried yachting before and want to test the water with a rental before planning a whole week at sea.

Shared Tour

Shared trips give everyone the chance to experience an unforgettable day aboard one of our yachts. They’ll run most days depending on the demand offering half, full, and sunset sails.

Sunset Sail

Soller is situated on the North West coast of Mallorca so naturally we have the best sunsets on the island. You can enjoy a sunset sail & swim whilst watching the mountains turn various colours.

Overnight Charter

Why not experience 2 full days and 1 night on the boat? You can cruise to your favourite spot and wake up in the morning to start the fun all over again.

Weekly Charter

There’s loads of routes to choose from. Our professional captains will ensure you have the best possible time during you week, whether it’s a fishing holiday or a trip to Ibiza you had in mind.

We know how to create a perfect charter

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